Includes CRM, Sales, Estimating, Proposals, Forms, Takeoff, & Project Management.


Keep Your Roofing Business Organized

Roofing companies have many tasks to manage from sales-to-projects and post transaction close out.  Have the tools to efficiently handle your full operation.


Improve Operational Systems & Processes

Build your database and collect data that is able to be used to improve both sales and the way your handle project management.  Define systems & streamline processes.

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Reduces Costs & Saves Time

Leverage the unfair advantage of task automation to help your team get more done with less manual effort.  Improve customer experiences & save time.

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About SunbaseData Roofing Software

Our industry-disrupting all-in-one software for roofing contractors includes every feature required to manage operations from initial lead generation to satisfied client to raving fan that sends referrals.  

Built specifically for the roofing industry, we understand our customers are in the field, so they need a software that makes tasks easier & faster, not longer harder & longer.  Users are able to access their accounts through any device connected to the internet, desktop or mobile.  We have apps for Andriod & iphone IOS.

Admin users can manage access controls & permissions based off a user’s assigned job role and account restrictions.

Since each company operates in their own unique way, we’ve developed a highly flexible & easily modifiable framework to accommodate individual needs.Our team is trained and available to assist with getting your account configured properly. 

SunbaseData roofing software is made for small, mid-sized, and enterprise-level roofing companies, doing both residential & commercial.  There are special roofing tools in our software that are especially useful for roofing sales, estimating, & project management. 

Our pricing model is designed to make it easy to get started & affordable to grow with. 

See how having SunbaseData as a tech partner will save time & make more money!

Roofing Software Features

Tools Organizing Leads & Closing More Sales


Roofing sales can be chaotic and overwhelming to manage sometimes.  There’s lots of tasks from generating leads, to bidding, to following up, getting paperwork completed, all before you ever start the project.  Do less work and close more roof sales using our powerful customer relationship manager.  

Tools For Bidding Roofing Projects & Jobs


Build project bids and estimates both accurately and quickly using your set pricing, materials, and target margins.  Our bill of materials calculator and margin-driven estimator tool makes creating estimates for roofing projects easy!

Tools For Producing More ROofing Sales & Contracts


Overhaul your sales management operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience for your roofing leads.  Build sales teams, managers, and display leaderboards showing performance metrics and rankings to create public sales competition   

Tools FoR creating professional roofing proposals


Deliver highly-professional proposals for roofing prospects and close more contracts.  Build proposals and bids that match your specific template designs and have them auto-populated with record information with the roofing CRM.

Tools For building roofing material takeoff list


Using our roofing bill of materials calculator, we can plug in your exact formulas and with a few quick pieces of information, we can produce a fully detailed material takeoff list to be approved and sent to your suppliers.  Additional, we have integration with EagleView.

Tools For Effectively Coordinating Roofing projects

Roofing Project

Facilitate management of roofing projects in a proactive manner using tasks list, visual job boards, detailed assignments, and automation.  Systematically standardizing operations, simplifies and supports faster-paced predictable growth.

Tools For Going Paperless

Auto-Fill & E-Sign
Solar Contracts & Documents

Turn all you existing documents and papers into a digital library of every form you need ready to be selected, auto-filled, signed and stored.  Just select to form you need and have it ready to be used whenever needed.  You can also email forms to customers, allow them to sign within the client portal, or send through our Docusign integration, as well.

Tools For Asset & Inventory Management

Roofing Asset & Inventory Management

Upload list of you products with information such as cost per unit, retail price, quantity in stock, descriptions, and much more.  When building quick quotes, you can just select the item and quickly build estimates for roof work.

Tools For Creating User Access Controls

Job-Role Level
User Access

Restrict each users scope so they can only view assignments and tasks specific for them.  Additionally, you can develop access profiles per job role and assign users that role so they will only be able to see what features and information you’ve exposed for their account.

Tools For Tracking Performance With Data

Real-Time &
Data Reporting

Discover insights, identify bottlenecks, and more accurately navigate business decisions using real-time performance data.  Eliminate the assumptions or guesswork of trying to figure out how various aspects of your operations and company are doing.  Data-driven businesses grow faster and more profitably than the norm. 

Tools For Employee, Subs, & VENDOR Management

HR Software For
Roofing Contractors

Redefine your human resources management operations from hiring profiles for each role, to accepting online applications, recruiting and tracking candidates, employees, and HR tasks.  Utilize HR software systems designed to help make your job easier and more effective. 

Tools For door-to-door Roofing sales (DTD)


Dominate door to door lead generation campaigns and generate more roofing leads using ultra-productive canvassing software.  Assign areas to canvassers or sales reps, disposition homes, auto-capture addresses, load leads, kick off automated follow up campaigns, and get more roofing sales.

Tools For Keeping ROofing Company Financials

Management Of Roofing Finances Software

Keep detailed financial records of every item from job costings, to 1099 subs payments, material cost, profit & loss, receipt capture and everything else.


Do you Feel Like There's Never Enough Time To Get It All Done?

Solar Sales Funnel

Take Control With Systems

Establish processes, tasks assignments, & detailed oversight with systems


Leverage Automation

Trigger workflows to send messages, tasks, assignments & update statuses


Predictable Growth

Use data to manage, optimize, & scale your roofing business in a strategic way

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Once we got Sunbase in place, our sales team immediately experienced a jump in conversions just from the improved tracking. As we used it more, we saw patterns that showed us what gets the best results.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and always used paper, folders, and an office full of filing cabinets.  It’s incredible that technology makes it where I can walk around with everything on my phone.

Finally having the right systems to keep everything managed has been a huge factor in our company’s success.  I’ve personally seen my boss’s mood change from not carrying everything around with him all the time stressed out!

Sales & Marketing Director

Walter P.
Owner & Active Manager

Maria K.
Executive Assistant

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