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all-in-one Roofing software

Captures & Manages Leads, Communications, Estimates/Bids, Contracts, Projects, Schedules, Billing & Customer Details..


Generate Leads & Get More Roofing Deals

Produce more roof leads and organize them all into a single software that simplifies customer relationship management through the full sales management process. 


Create A Predictable Sales Process

Automate emails/text messages and tasks creation to ensure prospects are properly being communicated with and driven through your sales funnel and process. 

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Expand Your Database & Customer Referrals

As you turn more customers to raving fans, use our advanced referral generation tools to market to your database and get more leads and opportunities for roofing sales.

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About SunbaseData Solar Proposal Software

Roofing CRM software is changing the way roofers do business by simplifying day-to-day tasks.

Each year, new software applications emerge and make it faster, easier, or cheaper to perform different parts of a roofing business operations. These opportunities generally allow users to get more done, in a more efficient way, resulting in higher profit margins and growth.

One major hurdle of some roofing companies is adjusting from what’s worked for years, to more effective, but at times intimidating tech alternatives.

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Roofing CRM Features

Tools For Marketing & Lead Management

Lead Generation,
Capture, Routing,&

Super-charge your sales management processes from initial lead capture from websites, providers, and in-field canvassing.  As leads are pushed into the roofing CRM appointment setters and sales reps can be assigned leads and receive notifications via app, text, and/or email.

Solar Project Management
Tools For Roofing Lead, Prospect, & Customer Data

Roofing CRM For Leads, Estimates & Customer Info

Regardless if you’re in the office or out in the field bidding a job, have access to tools that make organizing prospect and customer details much easier.  Keep your database managed effectively so you able to generate referrals and sales from it at will.  Capture roofing specific details like pitch, squares, waste, and any others you want to use.   

Solar CRM
Tools For Scheduling Appointments

Specific Tools For Appointment Setters & Reps

We’ve put together a suite of tools that will help your appointment setting team determine valuable information remotely.  From quick links to view available appointments per sales rep, addresses on a map, and even see the estimated value of the home.  Write appointments directly to internal calendars, Outlook and Google Calendars.

Tools For Keeping Your Sales Opportunities Managed

Visual Pipeline
Roofing Sales Boards

Configure our sales boards to match your exact sales stages.  As new leads enter the CRM, they’ll appear and are easily able to be drags across the sales stages based on their progression.  Additionally, users can set time limits for records and if there remain in a stage beyond that time, they’ll be flagged for review.

Solar CRM
Tools For Collecting Utility Bills From Prospects

Take Photos & Upload Them Directly To Records

Using our mobile app, users can take photos and upload them directly to records so they can be included in forms, reports, and proposals.  Save time and keep everything stored in one safe, accessible location.

Solar Project Management
Tools For Remote Aerial Measuring Reports

Roofing Reports & Material Lists Builder

Order roofing reports directly through our EagleView integration, download reports, and store them with customer records.  Download complete bill of materials list to be reviewed, approved, and sent directly to suppliers.   

Solar CRM
Tools For Producing Professional Roofing Bids


Upload fillable PDFs of your proposal/bid templates and we can auto-fill them instantly, complete with all information for the record.  Don’t have a roofing proposal, we can help by providing you with access to available templates.  Adjust bids based off target margins.

Tools For Offering Financing Options & Tracking

Offer Loan Program Options For Roofing Deals

Include financing options when creating estimates and proposals for roofing projects.  Present available financing programs, fees, APRs, terms, and expected payments.  Leveraging offering financing can help win sales that otherwise might be dead.

Tools For Taking Your Roofing Company Paperless

Auto-Fill & E-Sign
Roof Contracts & Paperwork

Eliminate the hassles of form & document management and take your business paperless.  Upload your paperwork, let us map it, and then it can easily be selected, auto-filled, e-sign, and stored within that customer record. 

Tools For Managing Projects After The Bid is Accepted

Roofing Project Management Software

After you closed the sale, drive your project through the entire service/installation process.  Deliver exceptional customer experiences by incorporating automated project status notifications updates via text, email, or through the client portal.  Simplify your project operations with technology that does most of it for you.

Solar Project Management
Tools For Sales Performance Management

Sales Dashboards & Leaderboards With KPI Reports

Keep your roofing sales reps focused and on pace towards meeting target production goals.  Use data-driven management to identify sticking points, opportunities, and best practices so you sales team can dial in processes for obtaining the highest conversion rates. 

Tools For Neighborhood Canvassing For D2D Sales

Door-To-Door Canvassing

Take your neighborhood lead generation and canvasser campaigns to a another level with productivity tools that make the tasks both faster and easier.  With the app, users can pull up their GPS location on a map, and drop pins on homes to auto-capture the address and disposition the opportunity.   

Tools For Getting Generating More Referrals

Referral Programs

Upgrade your referral program and submissions by assigning each prospect and customer a unique sign up link to share that associates them with the referral.  Allow contacts to submit referrals through the client portal and even track their progression to see if they become a client.

Tools For Filtering & Marketing To Your Database


As you develop you prospect and customer database, you’ve got the tools to segment and market to different lists to produce more sales.  Apply filtering to include the target group and send campaigns via SMS text or email with different offerings.

Is Not Having A Clearly Defined Sales System Impacting Roofing Sales?

Solar Sales Funnel

Develop Specific Sales

Stop spraying and praying roof bids in hopes that prospects will say yes.  Use proven processes to close more sales.


Manage & Optimize Sales Factors

Follow easy-to-understand data dashboards to see what is working and which factors need further adjustments.


Use Technolgy To Close More Roofing Deals

Empower your systems & sales reps with automation tools to deliver better results and interactions with prospects and customers.

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Once we got Sunbase in place, our sales team immediately experienced a jump in conversions just from the improved tracking. As we used it more, we saw patterns that showed us what gets the best results.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and always used paper, folders, and an office full of filing cabinets.  It’s incredible that technology makes it where I can walk around with everything on my phone.

Finally having the right systems to keep everything managed has been a huge factor in our company’s success.  I’ve personally seen my boss’s mood change from not carrying everything around with him all the time stressed out!

Sales & Marketing Director

Walter P.
Owner & Active Manager

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Executive Assistant

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