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You’re Tired Of Complex CRM Tools. But You Want To Simply Streamline Operations. So Its Time You Met SunbaseData.

Our mission is to provide service-based companies with the most advanced and affordable tools to manage their business operations more effectively and profitably.


Job Board

See all of your jobs in one visual display.

Making sure that no job is lost or forgotten about. You can even use the job board on your morning sales meeting making sure everything is humming along.
Geographical Area

GPS Tracking & LiveMap

GPS Tracking & LiveMap

See all active appointments, service calls for the day on the map Can change the status of the driver and the vehicle will change colors Easily switch territories and recenter the map
Proper File Management

Attach Files to a Record

Attach Files to a Record

This function streamlines sharing directly from the field with the office associated with the customer or the job. This tool makes tracking everything and associating it with the right job or customer easier than ever.

Proposal Generator

Proposal Generator

Using this tool, users can load templates of their custom proposals and the system will auto-fill the template with the relevant customer details including attachments as necessary with a single click.
Web design

Visual Sales Board

Visual Sales Board

Oversee your sales pipeline with greater visibility using the sales board feature. With the sales board tool, users are able to create any number of stages to their sales process and view leads in an enhanced visual format.

Sales Pipeline Segmentation

Sales Pipeline Segmentation

A major benefit of dividing the sales process is that it allows for more in-depth reporting such as best lead source, cost per lead, appointment, and customer, etc.

Digital E- Signing & Signature Requests

Hosting your data

E-Signature tools are great however they are often expensive and hard to integrate throughout your business.

Included With Our Software

Easily create your own templates with our visual editor Specify what to populate the field with (if applicable) Add up to 8 signature per form Export form to PDF file for convenience All forms are associated with record (ie: customer/job)

Seamless Integration

Our E-Signature feature is integrated with our client portal as well.  Push digital forms to a client through our portal for them to digitally sign.  As soon as the signature is saved the sales rep will be notified so they can continue processing the paperwork.


Customer Relationship Manager

Capture, manage, and keep your sales opportunities and customer details highly-organized and accessible at all times using cloud-based CRM software. Boosts productivity with a customer management system that offers data fields relevant for you service-based business.

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workflow automation

Develop processes & Workflows

Identify workflow processes and steps that need to occur based off a trigger. 


Automate repetitive Manual tasks

Use flexible automation to create tasks, update statuses, and send messages to contacts. 


Free Time & energy to Grow Your business

Don’t let time consuming low-value tasks get in the way of focusing on high-dollar producing activities.

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Benefits of Using Our Business management software

Our business world is fast-paced and fiercely competitive. Only the most adaptive companies can remain as market-leaders and survive. Technology-driven systems and automation should be the engine.


Streamlines your sales funnels

Automatically add and assign leads from company websites, online campaigns, lead providers, landing pages, door-to-door, and even from customer referrals.


Manages every tasks of business operations

Upgrade your back office processes and systems to fully automated workflows; eliminating resource draining, repetitive manual tasks.

SunbaseData Support

Direct-access to developer support

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with a software developed line by line of code and with direct access to developers, nothing is ever impossible!  

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