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When canvassing communities or areas door to door for leads it’s essential that you manage your time effectively and follow a efficient process to ensure your productivity. Door to door lead generation efforts can be challenging enough without complicating it any further with an outdated approach.

Using the Sunbase canvassing tool makes going door to door simple and easy. The system makes tracking the status of a particular home or business possible with a click. 

When a location is selected, the tool automatically can determine the address, capture it, and allow users to enter contact info, appointments, notes, etc about the entry.

Many clients experience great results when combining this tool with our workflow tool which allows for automated scheduled communication. ie: Send message 24 hours after new canvassing lead is enter.

Platform Features

Create and Assign sales territories

Mark off neighborhoods, blocks, and streets to be assigned to canvassers.

Pin house and businesses

Automatically capture addresses to speed up lead entry and management.

Create appointments

Turn pins into leads and book full on appointments with our web scheduler tool.

Generate canvassing reports

Run detailed reports outlined key performance indicators to ensure productivity.

Operating A Door-To-Door Sales Campaign or Team?

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