Fence Software To Manage Prospects & Customers, Measurements, Estimates, Proposals, Contracts, Forms, & Projects..


Fence Customer Relationship Manager

Organize leads, estimates, and customers full details under one program.  Drive their deal from the beginning of the sales process to completed installation or project in one tool.


Remote Measuring Of Linear Footage

With our remote measuring tool, you don’t even have to leave the office to give someone an idea of what kind of price the project might be.  Measure from your computer.

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Powerful Fence Estimating Software

By combining on bill of materials calculator to produce detailed project estimates and our inventory management tool, you can just enter a few details and have full breakdowns. 


About Our Fence Estimating Software

Our estimation tools are included with our all-in-one fence software, which features a full suite of business management tools ranging from CRM-to-employee management.

The purpose of using our estimating software is to simplify the bidding process and help contractors stay highly-organized with so many task on the plate.

Fence leads can be pushed directly into your account from your website, Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, and other sources.

When booking an appointment, you have a range of tools right at your fingertips such as remote measuring of lots and a project designer.  This can help if someone is looking for a rough idea of a project costs and you want to save time by not having to drive out to the property.

Leverage SunbaseData To Operate & Grow Your Fencing Company Strategically.


Fence Software Toolbox

Experience Why Over 1000+ Service Industry Professionals Choose SunbaseData As Their Management & Bidding Software..

Features For Fence Estimates

Tools For Measuring Projects From The Office

Remote Aerial Measuring Software

Save time and gather preliminary project information using remote satellite measuring tools.  While not as precise as physically walking a site, this can help greatly when a prospect is wanting a rough estimate. 

Tools For Organizing & Managing Important Information

Fence CRM To Keep Prospect & Customer Data

Never lose another lead.  Capture every opportunity in a customer relationship management tool built specifically for the fencing industry.  Have tabs for each task necessary and we can help configure any adjustments you need to support your operations.

Fence CRM Software
Tools For Uploading & Managing Attachments

Take Photos & Store Them To Be Used As Needed

Using the mobile application or through the desktop, users can upload photos and PDFs right to a specific prospect or customers file.  Use these photos in estimates, proposal templates, contracts, and other places.  Take pictures of fence project installation sites. 

Mobile Fence App
Tools For Calculating Pricing Estimates & Material List

Bill Of Materials Calculator For Easy Estimates & MTO

Make the tasks of figuring out project estimations faster and easier using the bill of materials calculator.  Just plug in your formulas, variables, and a couple key project details, then we will produce a full breakdown of all materials, labor, and other fees estimate.  Download complete material takeoff list and send them to your suppliers automatically once approved.

Tools For Going Paperless & Accepting E-signatures

Auto-Fill Contracts, Forms, & Other Documents

Make your life easier, by having all your forms and documents available in a digital format that you can just select from a drop down list and have auto-populated.  Let customers e-sign them right from your mobile device or through the client portal. 

Tools For Tracking The Projects Won & Lost

Bid Acceptance Reporting Offering Sales Metrics

Capture, track, and analyze your sales data to determine if your meeting your bid conversion goals.  Gain insights into which practices have the highest acceptance rates and which components can use adjusting.

Tools For Getting Fencing Projects Completed

Fence Project Management

Keep your fence projects carefully managed and completed using tools such as our visual job boards that shows every job in it’s respective stage of completion.  Create work orders and build tasks list to help you installation team stay on schedule without missing anything.

Tools For Keeping Customers Informed of Their Projects

Project Status Notification Systems

Use automation to keep customers highly-informed of how their fence project is progressing.  Create the communication once and then as their job moves across the different stages of your job board we can send emails, SMS text, and notifications to customers.

Project Status Notification System

Why Build Fence Project Estimates When Software can do for you?

With changing times, technology is bringing a revolution in almost every field of life. In the middle ages, people used to make houses with the help of stones and wood. The precision of material and cost management were concepts unknown to them.

However, in the 21st century, the economy and precision are everything. From marketing a product to managing a construction site, efficiency is the first and foremost concern.

The same is the case with building fences. Security standards have increased to new levels and fence making is not the same as it used to be. Technology is playing its part here too and fencing software is used now to design fences.

With these advancements in methods, the process is much more efficient now. You can easily estimate many things which took a lot of time previously. The main consideration before starting the project is the length of the fence.

This important estimation is handled by an easy to use software very efficiently. With the knowledge of the required length, now you can easily estimate other things. These include the amount of material required, the amount of time and labor required, and several other factors.

Our amazing fence estimator is designed to perform these tasks proficiently. We promise flawless results with which you can estimate the final cost of the project to come to a decision and sign a contract.

The fence costs calculator will help you through these difficult phases. Estimating is a piece of cake now, sign the deal with full confidence and zero hesitation without even needing to go to the job site!

After you have completed the planning phase, all that is left to do is download the plans and start working on them. Our part is done and now your part is to implement the information provided as efficiently as possible.

Our fence estimator will make your life very easy and you will really like it. The work and energy you invested will be shared by our software and reduced a great amount. No need to swear yourself on the site anymore! Make your customers happy with the least amount of work!

Fence Customer Relationship Manager

Our software is not only limited to fence calculation but we provide you an all in one package. With everything from CRM to the employee management system, you will enjoy a full business management bundle.

Our easy to use fence estimate method will help you manage your customer relations as well. You will be able to take fence leads online from your social media accounts or website.

Customers will reach you out online and the job will become much easier. Now your PR maintenance is also our headache! With this tool, you can easily push leads and the bidding process is very much simplified. Now you contractors can easily reach out to you in an organized way, be it an email or our versatile software.

Organize leads, estimates, and customers’ full details under one program. Drive their deal from the beginning of the sales process to completed installation or project in one tool.

Project management is now effortless with our best in the market fence software. Contact us to get your system installed and ready to be functioning now. Do it quickly, the clock is ticking!

Remote Measuring Of Linear Footage

Fence estimating is going to be a piece of cake after you sign the deal with us. You can remotely measure the linear footage of the fence and calculate the exact cost estimate.

With our remote measuring tool, you don’t even have to leave the office to give someone an idea of what kind of price the project might be. Measure from your computer.

Contractors only need to get the details from you on a piece of paper. You can print the results from our estimating software and give it to them, then your job is done.

Save yourself from the previously used hectic inches method and bring our software home today! let your business flourish even more. Leave the difficult site job to use and you can deal with customers and contractors. Invest your energy where it is needed more!

Powerful Fence Estimating Software

For the exact cost estimation, you need every small detail. If you are using a particular material, you will need its grade. If you are using a unique part, you will require the part number, and much more information is required.

You can draw a fence after our design requirements and the rest of the job is for the contractors. About the most part, our software also includes arrangements for that.

Our bill of materials calculator produces detailed project estimates and our inventory management tool will enable you to just enter a few details and have full breakdowns in a detailed form.

Our fence estimating software is very powerful and the fence estimate you get will be one of a kind. You will surely like the results you achieve! You will get a detailed professional result chart from which everything will become crystal clear!

With the help of our astonishing software techniques, the hundreds of hours’ worth of work can be squeezed down to a few hours. Good luck with the amazing upgrade!

About Our Fence Estimating Software

Our estimation tools are included with our all-in-one fence software, which features a full suite of business management tools ranging from CRM-to-employee management.

The purpose of using our estimating software is to simplify the bidding process and help contractors stay highly-organized with so many tasks on the plate.

Fence leads can be pushed directly into your account from your website, Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, and other sources.

When booking an appointment, you have a range of tools right at your fingertips such as remote measuring of lots and a project designer. This can help if someone is looking for a rough idea of project costs and you want to save time by not having to drive out to the property.

Contact us for these amazing installments. You will surely see how these amazing upgrades which are also easy to use make your contract fulfillment pretty easy. Site officials are also relieved with the help of these updates as their work is minimized to a great extent.

In this way, you achieve your employee benefit goals as well. Enjoy our accurate and efficient time-based software which is the best in the market. Send the link of your account through email to all your contractors and maximize your outreach. New business heights are coming your way!

Our customer support service is always ready to create the best experiences like the smoothest journey you’ve ever been on. Do not waste your time in estimating materials, labor, time, and money investment on your fence. We are here to ease your pangs and our striking fence software.

Leverage SunbaseData To Operate & Grow Your Fencing Company Strategically.

Features For Fence Estimates

In any service software, there are certain parameters that grade the use of this software. Our fence software can also be graded with these features which are our defining factors. These pros of the software help in estimating different quantities which makes the overall experience worth it.

The estimating becomes really easy with these features and you should have proper knowledge of them. With the help of this knowledge, you can better implement the right commands at the right time. This way they can serve you to their full potential.

Our software is very easy to use and detailed guidance will clear the air further. That’s why we have prepared a breakdown of our key features. Let’s start the main drill.


In order to perform an efficient fence estimate, you require hi-fi organizational and managerial skills. Or you can refer a good fence software. We provide you a substitute for these valuable skills in the form of our product.

You can reduce your employee force and save valuable investments. These investments can be used in other areas of development to help further accelerate your business.

Fence CRM To Keep Prospect & Customer Data

In our standards, the customer is the CEO. Customer-oriented businesses are the businesses of the future. The companies that value their customers more than their revenue are the ones who ultimately generate enormous amounts.

If you are better connected with contractors, you can reach them time and avoid losing any important deals. This means you get better results with minimal efforts. Fence software allows you to create a vast and easily reachable network.

Not only we make fencing easy, but we also bridge the gap between businesses and customers. Our easy to use solutions are the mainstream of the future. We will help you both on-site and off-site.

Our customer management tool is specially designed for the fencing industry. The software has a detailed layout where special tabs are made for each task and you can also personalize the interface depending upon your needs.

With these flexibilities and special amendments, we ensure optimum client satisfaction and maximum business model performance.


We have designed special tools according to the need of time. We have prepared special graded tools that will help you in dealing with any task with the comfort of your sofa.

No matter what is the nature of work, be it materials support or time-sensitive tasks. You don’t have to worry about yourself anymore because we are here to deal with your problems. Just take a relaxing breath. Believe in us and get our subscription as soon as you can. Good day are waiting!

Remote Aerial Measuring Software

Busy with some stuff and can’t go to the site? Or are you just too far away? Don’t worry because we have got your covered. Our ariel measuring software will make your life easy in this condition too.

No matter where you are in this big round world, you are one click away from your crucial project information. Just get the preliminary information and get things done like a pro!

The information got from the cloud support may not be as precise as the physical estimate but it will serve the purpose pretty well and we are dead sure about that. Maintain better communication with your contractor no matter what you are doing and where you are with our best of the best online business model.

We use google maps and location services in combination with the global positioning system to provide you with a rough sketch of the project. You can easily navigate your contractors with this valuable information whenever they want your help.


When dealing with contractors online, you will require to upload and download many attachments and documents. All the fence data and estimates will be shared online with the fencing companies.

In this way, they will be able to download them and use the information well in time for fencing requirements. Our easy to use solution will never disappoint you and you will feel at ease with these advancements.

Take Photos & Store Them To Be Used As Needed

The easiest and simplest way to communicate is through a picture. A picture has no words but is a story in itself. With the help of picture storing, you can later use the information as per requirement.

You can then upload PDFs for specific projects using your computer systems or mobile phones. This is the data transfer medium of the future. You can send via WhatsApp, email, Facebook, etc.

Use this information in the form of contracts, templates, proposals and other sources of data to help with customer communication and other engagements. Fencing requirements will be easily fulfilled through online business media.

With this information, you can exchange data in real-time scenarios and estimate results as well as deal with your valuable customers.


Our heavy-duty software will do the real-time estimates for your fencing requirements. Leave the difficult calculations to us and do the communicational part by yourself.

From your business revenue to the fence billing, be it material cost or site payments. Our dutiful professional software will make your inventory precise and smooth functioning.

We will get you an introduction of our estimation and billing software. You can go through these highlights to get basic know-how so that you will be able to better use it.

Bill Of Materials Calculator For Easy Estimates & MTO

Our bill of the material calculator is specially designed for fence estimate in real-time Use this software to solve your project requirements and estimations much faster than you used to do.

You don’t require hi-fi professionals with heavy mathematical skills anymore. Just enjoy while the difficult fence calculation is done by the software. Use this as an easy go opportunity.

Input any difficult formula with a strange type of variables which you hated in high school and boom, you’re done. The estimates are the job of the software. When you input these small details with some project requirements, a proper break down of materials, labor, and other fees estimates will be provided in no time.

The only thing left for you to do is download the material list and send it to the main suppliers which will automatically be approved and satisfied.


Fence estimates are done and business is digitized, But are you going to settle for this? We think no. You cannot be at ease until the very simple arrangement is shifted online. let us discuss some of these options below:

Auto-Fill Contracts, Forms, & Other Documents

You will be able to create an online platform to deal with your issues. Make all your document and forms available online which can be easily selected from a drop-down list. Control the number of people and the identities that can access your data.

All your business will be shifted online. Every fencing detail is saved is online. Be it information regarding materials or time-consuming calculations, everything is done online and stored there.

Make a client portal where you can maintain client activity and meet all deadlines. All your tasks will be completed in real-time and with ease. Email service can also be used for communication. Estimate the amount of comfort you are going to achieve!


Every business faces losses and gets bonuses. A good business keeps track of both to better itself from time to time by learning from them. We will make sure that each and every activity in the business premises is recorded and kept safe.

Bid Acceptance Reporting Offering Sales Metrics

With the use of this feature, you will be able to capture, track, and analyze the data which will make extrapolation easy. You can determine easily whether the bid conversion goals are met, that’s the main job.

You can get a detailed insight into which practices benefit your business and which have a negative impact. With this knowledge, you can opt for better practices and avoid those which are useless. You can also better adjust those which require adjustments.


Now the final thing you require is to get your project finished in real-time efficiency. Get your .customers satisfied and make your site heaven.

In this portion, we are going to discuss the tools which are necessary for getting fencing projects done and dusted. Let’s get on with the job.

Fence Project Management Software

Our visual job boards and other software will complete your fencing projects in little to no time. You will be able to efficiently manage and maintain every detail. You can visualize every job in its respective stage of completion.

You can better manage your work orders by creating and keeping them online using our amazing software. With these arrangements, you can arrange for your installation team to remain on track and do every task while meeting deadlines in the best way.


Customer satisfaction is very important and that’s why we intend to keep your customers informed about each and every step so that they don’t remain in the dark and there’s full transparency.

Your customers have the right to know about the little details such as fence materials you are using, fence type, fence cost, and fence bill of materials.

Project Status Notification Systems

Use this online software to keep customers in full confidence in their fence management system. Share your fencing knowledge with them. Keep them in light of the estimates and entertain their feedback.

These estimates will help you in making your business model better as well. Using this system, your customer will be satisfied with the fence progress and results.

To convey these information notes regarding fence data. you can use different communication media such as SMS, text, and other types of notifications.

workflow automation

Load Cost, Pricing & Products

Use our inventory manager to load your products & services


Estimation Calculator With Your Formulas

We’ll use your exact calculation formulas to produce estimates


Generate Bill Of Materials Fence Takeoff List

Plug in a few details & we will return precise estimates  & takeoff list

Want More Info About SunbaseData Fence Estimating Software?

See what other companies say about SunbaseData.

Once we got Sunbase in place, our sales team immediately experienced a jump in conversions just from the improved tracking. As we used it more, we saw patterns that showed us what gets the best results.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and always used paper, folders, and an office full of filing cabinets.  It’s incredible that technology makes it where I can walk around with everything on my phone.

Finally having the right systems to keep everything managed has been a huge factor in our company’s success.  I’ve personally seen my boss’s mood change from not carrying everything around with him all the time stressed out!

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