Build Accurate & Fast Estimates Of Costs, Materials, Labor, Margins Based From Your Calculation Formulas..


Gather Project Details & Prepare Bids

Use digital forms to capture all the specifics associated with each project being bid on.


Adjust Bids To Fit Target Margins

After using the estimating calculator, adjust margins to see what pricing options exist.

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Use Automation To Handle Follow Up

Set up workflows to handle tasks of following up with projects you’ve bid on.


About Our Electrical Estimating Software

We offer a full suite of software tools for helping electrical contractors and our estimating feature is include in our program.

Users can access the tools through desktop or using on mobile applications.

Upload list of  inventory available, suppliers products, and services using the inventory management software.  Include models, suppliers, quantity, pricing, cost, and related details. 

Additionally, plug electrical project estimating calculations into our bill of materials calculator so you can produce estimates with a few details.

Take pictures, upload, store, and include them in electrical proposals/bids.

When creating proposals, have them auto-populated throughout your exact templates so you can maintain branding and professionalism.

Access digital versions of documents and forms that can be used whenever needed.

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Supporting Features

Tools For Organizing Prospects, Customers, & Bids


Capture prospect and customer information to be stored within their file.  Keep all your database in one system so you can easily find and access it when you need it.  Add fields for data points you want like electrical panels amps, breaker types, GCFIs, & more.  

Tools For Calculating Bids based on margins

Determine Margins & Figure Out Estimates Off It

Load your electrical project details into our bill of materials calculator, then adjust and set estimate pricing based on your desired target margins.  If you need to make custom changes, you can override item’s default prices.

Tools For Managing Bid Acceptance Rates

View Dashboards With Metrics Of Acceptances Rates

Access real-time performance data to see what your best producing lead sources are, closing percentages, winning margins, and other valuable information to provide insights into sales management.

Tools For Managing Electrical Jobs & Projects

Electrical Project Management

After a electrical bid has been accepted, kickoff our project management tools to help with overseeing it.  Build process tasks lists, broken down into key milestones, and track progression by your team.  Set job boards to your project stages.  Incorporate automation to provide updates for customers.


Why Do Another Electrical Bid, When Electrician Estimating software can do for you?

workflow automation

Input Products & Pricing

Enter into the system your products & services


Use Your Exact Formulas

Load your exact formulas for bidding & estimating 


Auto-Generate Takeoff List

Just enter project variables & produce material list.

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Why You Should Be Using ELectrician Software For Generate Estimates

Using technology to assist in creating electrical bids not only saves you time and manual energy, but it also helps with accuracy and meeting submission deadlines.

Beyond getting bids calculated properly, once you’ve got your initial estimate you can make adjusts with minimal work based off margins.

Schedule reminders to follow up on submitted estimates so you can close more projects and make more money.

There’s countless reasons that its a smart investment to use software for electrician contractors to operate, improve, and grow your business.

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Once we got Sunbase in place, our sales team immediately experienced a jump in conversions just from the improved tracking. As we used it more, we saw patterns that showed us what gets the best results.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and always used paper, folders, and an office full of filing cabinets.  It’s incredible that technology makes it where I can walk around with everything on my phone.

Finally having the right systems to keep everything managed has been a huge factor in our company’s success.  I’ve personally seen my boss’s mood change from not carrying everything around with him all the time stressed out!

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Walter P.
Owner & Active Manager

Maria K.
Executive Assistant

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